Peekaboo Peace

Peace, like a ribbon. Woven ’round my heart.But not too tightly. Winding in and out.Playing peekaboo.Hide and seek and find. Awareness brings calm.Take a deeper breath.Pause.  Again.  Exhale. Exhalation slows.Drawn-out steady flow.Meditate.  Relax. Look up, then around.Feel the solid ground.Beneath each footstep. Gazing at the world.Listening unfurled.Open heart and smile. Gentle, tranquil peaceElusive.  In reach.Spirit-filled.  […]

Authentic Sight

Secret keepers transformed by storm; elements blurring and magnifying in unpredictable patterns of focus and distortion. Ruffled, drenched, tousled, challenged. Ultimately resolute, their essence has not changed. They stand firm; enduring and intact. It is our view of them that has changed. The lens of challenge alters our perception, obscuring strength from our inspection. We […]

The Secret Keepers

Trees, so tall and true, reaching their bare arms to the sky, encircling this quiet clearing, and carving out a piece of sky.  Quiet witnesses and silent protectors, they stand.  Each one individual and unique, and yet also alike in their character, bearing and purpose.  They bring their steadfastness and strength to this space and […]